Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What is your muse?

Boredom if the parent of art.

You may disagree with the statement above. You may. But the question here is, is the muse or inspiration limited to 'beautiful' and 'charming' things/ideas? Can boredom, ugliness, despair and lack of interest be one's muse?

In my opinion, anything could be your muse. The other day I was sitting at my desk not interested in doing my work. There were a piece of paper and a black pen on the desk. I took them and started drawing. In about 20 minutes, I had a beautiful drawing. Lack of interest in work was my muse.

Often, we disregard inspirations because we think they are not worthy of being your muse. Who would look at a fallen flower and write a poem? Some do. And they turn out to be classic poems. The little things that surround us are in fact a lot more meaningful than the larger-than-life inspirations we look for. The ordinary that surrounds us has sufficient inspirations for us to change the world. We could find them; but only if we look.

So, what is your muse?

Monday, April 16, 2018

A Lesson on How to Stand in a Queue from Kanpur

This morning, at the petrol pump inside IIT Kanpur.

I joined the 'queue' to fill petrol in my bike. (Queue means a group of people crowding around the pump. The sequence of priority doesn't exist- might is right!

Image from Here (representational image only)
One fellow pulls up and squeezed his way through the queue and positions himself in front of my bike!

I said to him in stern, serious voice: "Please stand in the queue."

He looked at me as if I said something in Greek and said: "Ye jagah apka hi hai." (This place is yours.)

I remained quiet since he sounded apologetic. But when my turn to fill petrol came, he just squeezed in and filled petrol!

Now, what should I have said? According to Kanpur Style Manual (latest edition), I should have abused him verbally and thrashed him if I had time. But me being a Malayali kept quiet and mentally lamented about the yogi-run state's lack of respect for the other.

Here in Kanpur, you are elite if you can squeeze your way through the rush. You are considered respectable if you can kick others' asses and be the first in the queue. You are a heroine/hero if you can abuse someone louder and dirtier than your rival. Yes what the yogi said is right. We Malalayees need to learn a lot from UP: from how to run schools, hospitals and governments, to how to stand in a queue! 

Friday, April 06, 2018

Just In Case...

To love someone is to give your all.
But I would advise you to keep a bit for yourself.
Just in case…

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Scared of #MeToo!

When I wore lipstick, they laughed at me.
When I walked the ramp, they scorned me.
When I said I am equal or more, they chased me.
When I showed I was better than them, they stoned me.
But when I told them that I don’t care,
They were scared. Of Me!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Chikku learns humility

Once there was a little cat named Chikku. It was so cute and beautiful. Everyone would give milk and food to him. As time passed, he began to think that he gets good things because he is better than all other cats, and that he deserves them.

That day onwards, he became very proud. He behaved rudely with other cats and humans. He would scream loudly if humans did not give him milk and food on time. He would bite and beat other cats if they came to share in his food.

Slowly, humans began to dislike Chikku. They did not give him milk and food. He became very hungry and tired. So he went to his cat friends and asked them for some food. But they told him, "you did not give us any food when we asked. Why should we give you any food and milk?"

Chikku realised that he was behaving very rudely to other cats and humans. He turned to go away in sadness. Then other cats called him and said, "We don't hate you. Come and share this food and milk with us. If you behave well, we can still be friends."

Chikku went back to his friends and had milk and food. He learned a lesson, that he is not better than others. He said to himself, "I am equal to others. I have to share what I have with others. Then everyone will be happy."
 The next day, he went back to his human friends and remained silent with a sorry face. When they looked at him, he said sorry "Meaw, sorry, Meaw." Humans picked him up with a smile and gave him plenty of food and milk. Chikku shared what he got, with other cats and remained happy for ever.

Lesson: If we are humble and loving with others, we will have many good friends, and a happy life.