Saturday, June 27, 2009


and it was day again...
and it was night again...

so it was...
so it was again...

see you

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

തിരിച്ചു വരവ്

Moment by moment

Moment by moment, I realize your presence in this dry desert.

Springing from this simmering heat, my pains flower, into tears of loss.

Down the alleys of loneliness, I travel alone, alone do I travel.

Come, and embrace me, oh, cold hands of death.

Come and take me from these feelings of love-lessness.

Awaken from this state of silent chaos, what do I do to keep life?

Round and round gathers moss, on the peach coloured wounds of my heart.

Just as the love of a bird flies above its head, my love flies miles away.

How could I be a creature still living?

How could I be a human still living?

You left a space in my life

So vast none could fill it at all!

Come back be my friend, come back.

Can I have you as mine and mine alone?

Times fly away, not much is left.

Life ebbs away let us make much of it.

Can we? No, we can’t. But can’t we?

Do I love you to have you?

There are sighs to answer these questions.

There are nights to answer in tears.

Oh! Soul, weep then, shed your last drop.

Be dry, and dark. Die in obscurity.