Friday, April 02, 2010

The Draining Tree

The tree that I look for is a rootless one.
Ruthless death and pain clung to it.
Dead and dry, it looks what it shouldn't be like

Beginning always had and end in history.
But some ends have no beginnings,
Like the tree that I looked for...

Standing alone on a misty hilltop, The Tree
Talks to me in sighs and silence,
Only to make me more than miserable.

When life drained humanity's veins,
Tree rose in there, just like a sign.
And it was just like a sigh.

Look close, see a death hanging over.
A story looms, a smile lingers..
Over there, I dithered like a piece of sponge

Knowing is one thing, feeling is another.
I felt life draining into me...
As the tree dissolved in misty foggy skies.

"This good friday, I am with myself..."