Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ways to learn...

Experiences do not come one's way. One can't go in search of them either. One needs to be open to the nodes of experiences that guide this phenomenon called life. If one is blind to what comes to him/her, no learning takes place. At the same time, life will not seem a meaningful exercise.

The other day, while I was waiting for a bus (which I do many times these days) a beggar approached me. I didn't mind that man. He was ugly. Might not have had a bath in ages! While wondering why this fellow cant have a bath, a young boy standing next me gave him a Rupee one coin. The beggar received it, raised his hand as if to bless and moved on. The boy went back to his chatting on phone.

But I couldn't move on. I was pushed into thinking. I was wondering why beggars are made at all! I, for example, am educated. But I beg for a job, I beg for my salary and food. Why do we have to beg? Is this world so bad that no one can get his/her share of food and shelter? Anyway, I was awaken from thoughts by the next beggar, and I imitated the young boy, contributing a Rupee to the beggar. I felt proud.
What I am driving at is, that if we don't keep ourselves open, such experiences can escape us. If they escape us, there is no way we can get it back and relish it.

These are ways to learn. Today when I went for lunch, I planed to buy Poori. But just then, it got over. The other day, I was hesitating to go by a bus which went round-about. So I waited for another bus. Many buses of the former category passed by, but none of the latter. I waited for an hour and a quarter. Then I realized that the other route also would have taken me to my destination long back. I decided to board any bus that came my way. Then plays destiny. For another half an hour, NO bus came that way!!! What does this experience teach me? Grab the opportunity? or Don't wait for better opportunities? I don't know. probably it is true that I should have taken the first bus. I am yet to understand the lesson.

I was searching for a room to stay. It's a rich man's world- I understood long ago. So I decided to move to a poorer locality where I can save a little on rent. But not many are available. Those available are in shabby condition. After many a good friends' generous and selfless efforts, a room was found. Advance was paid, and on the next day, I paid full rent for a month in advance and started staying. But the very next day, people at my office tells me that I can stay at the guest house in the office. What is it! I couldn't understand the mystery. Why shouldn't I wait for a day? Why didn't the office tell me a day earlier? But no complaints. I might get my advanced money back... What I learn is that there is no lack of generosity in this world. I was offered this room at the office, because of the generosity of a benevolent lady at the office.
What do I learn?

I learn that I am learning. That I can't keep my eyes closed to these realities around. That these are ways to learn- looking around and understanding...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Violin concert

I couldn't control my tears watching this...