Monday, September 10, 2012

Time, Or a Kiss?

Time flies like moths on a rainy evening
To the flickers of short-lived emotional flashes
Only to lose wings and fall lame
Onto the green bed  which will suck your remaining life.

Time! The one villain that blocks all repetitions
To repair damages, redo erred scenes.
When does it stop, this 'tick tick'
While it ticks I can't think, not even wish better.

Time to wake up! Begins a day with a yawn or two
Time to sleep? That's how it ends with a question.
How can I feel the whisper of winds that brush by?
How can I feel anything if time takes the first place?

I want to live like a child- dieing for a chocolate crumb
Into the warmth of welcoming hands, I do want to faint.
Need a smile when I return home- just when I need one,
Needless to say I need a hug for every tear I shed.

Despite the flight time has embarked upon
Dreamers like me desire to take a break- a small one.
Long enough to kiss a beautiful child, be kissed by one too
Life never waits they say, that time flies and waits not.

But waits time, and tide if a feeling of you waits to be said
Bait time thus and hold firm; take time to feel and express.
Love the ones that love you; give a smile, take a hug.
Let time wait, till you finish; what's more important- time or a kiss?