Saturday, December 22, 2012

About the word 'thought'


Definition: (noun) an idea that comes into your mind. Something you think about. (verb) The past tense of the verb 'think'.

Uses: A wonderful thought (noun) came into my mind last night, which I'd like to tell you about: Let's go on a world cruise!

He was sitting there looking very serious and turning something over in his mind. It was clear that he was deep in thought (noun)

I'd like you to look through this letter and give me your opinion of it. I really would appreciate your thoughts (noun) on the matter.

I thought (verb) about going out for a walk this morning but when I saw the rain, I decided against the idea.

I know you originally believed that it was a very easy exam but now you've taken it, I'm sure you have discovered it's not as easy as you thought (verb).

I honestly thought (verb) I worked very long hours but now I see how long you work, I've changed my views.

Variations: She always thinks of others first and what they need as she is obviously a very thoughtful (considerate) individual.

Some people aren't a bit interested in what they do to the environment and are very thoughtless (inconsiderate) in the way they drop their rubbish in the street.