Thursday, April 25, 2013

Outside? Inside?

What makes the difference? What one expresses or what one has within? What is inside or what is outside?

This is a good question. Especially when the world around judges people based on what it sees of their lives.

Consider the life of an ordinary family. The husband and wife work, children study in schools, parents stay at home. They have enough food to eat, enough money to take care of all basic needs, enough space and time to live and be happy. All of them go to the temple once a week and offer prayers and sacrifices. They believe in goodness and god's grace. The husband likes the wife, children and parents. Parents like their sun, daughter-in-law and grand children. But the wife doesn't quite like the parents! So there is an imbalance in the family.

What happens to all the prayers that they make? What happens to all the sacrifices they make? If the family doesn't love, how can they ever be content? The children who live among them will absorb the vibrations of hatred/lack of love from the mother, and unknowingly will take it out on their parents. Like the Bible says, 'will get back in the same measure they give'. 

Who is to blame? What is the problem?

Now consider another family where the father doesn't know how to express his love. He loves everyone in the family, but beats the children up on little mistakes. Because he cannot bear them going wrong, he cant forgive them. But he spends his entire life to save for them. He loves his wife, but for the sake of giving her the best, he finds fault with her and tries to correct her. He does everything in love, but all that comes out is finding fault, scolding and beating. How can the family understand what is within the father? The family has no peace if it doesn't understand the father inside out. If it does, it can have peace. If it doesn't, it will never be peaceful, and will blame the father for all they are, all they lost and all they don't have.

What happens to all the sacrifices the father makes for the family? Are they all for nothing? How can the mother and children account for their lack of peace?

Who is to blame? What is the problem?

The question is, what makes the difference? What one says or what one feels! What is inside or what is outside!