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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

What is true in every Advertisement you see

Is there anything true in the advertisements you see? Doubtful, isn't it? Before you make up your judgement, let me tell you something. There is truth in all sensible advertisements. But only part of it is true. I will show you how.

Most advertisements have three parts. The first part will be true. The second part will be false. The third part will be nonsense.

Example 1:
Part 1: Ad tells you that brushing your teeth is a good habit- truth.
Part 2: Ad tells you brand X has magical powers to attract handsome boys/beautiful girls- false.
Part 3: As shows you that brand X attracts six-pack-men or half naked shapely beautiful girls- nonsense.

Example 2:
Part 1: Ad tells you that wearing a deodorant reduces body order- truth.
Part 2: Ad shows you that brand Y has magical powers to seduce opposite gender- false and nonsense.
Part 3: Ad shows you that someone wearing brand Y deo attracts dozens of people like a magnet- NONSENSE.

Example 3:
Part 1: Ad tells you that a clean toilet is healthy, that it keeps the family's health ok- truth.
Part 2: Ad tells you that brand Z has magical powers to chase spooky germs and funny bacteria from under your WC, and is superior to every other toilet cleaner in the world- false.
Part 3: Ad shows you that brand Z chases spooky germs and funny bacteria from the WC- funny and nonsense.

When we watch an advertisement, we need to lock our intelligence away in a locker. We can't be told everyday that a fairness cream can make an Indian look like a European, or an ordinary person like superman! Aren't the ads indirectly telling you that you are not beautiful, handsome, intelligent, smart and strong? Yes. the ads are telling you on your face that you are a fool. They also tell you that using their product will make you someone else, who you should aspire to become. What farce! Who are these companies to tell me what I should become? What right do they have to tell me on my face that I am not good? No self-respecting individual can stand an ad that tells you that you are not good!

But ads do not tell you that directly. They will make it look like they are saying something sweet, good, for your improvement. But whatever they say, they are bluffing. Otherwise, what does a cricketer know about the quality of batteries? What does an actress know about the quality of a shoe brand? What does a singer know about the benefits of a mobile service provider? They take money, and parrot a script. And we believe! Yes. We are fools. Advertisement industry knows that we are fools. That we can be manipulated. That we can be easily trapped.

What I want to tell you is that we need to be cautious. Tomorrow when an ad tells you that your neighbour is a terrorist, and you need to 'kill your neigbour' with 'ABC' brand ax, you should not rush to buy that ax. The advertiser wants you to listen only to the 'ABC' part, and make you do the 'kill your neighbour' part of the ad. How clever! How ideological! How propagandist!

Next time you listen to an ad, listen to what it tells you. Think if there is truth in it. Never be tricked into doing what a stranger wants you to do.