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Monday, January 02, 2017

What you lose by deactivating your Facebook account?

I was under the impression that Facebook was an integral part of my life. I used to log in to the account every morning before I began my work, and had a peep at it every now and then. I thought it was important to see what goes on around me in terms of people and events. Facebook was the window.

But on a foggy day in 2016, I sat at home without being connected to internet, and reflected about what I gain by being on Facebook. It was then that I realised that I don't gain anything, but lose my time. Without being aware of it, I spend a lot of time on Facebook looking at images, videos and events in strangers' lives. Some inspiration may come my way. But in the end, I don't gain anything from being on those pages.

The artificial feeling of community that Facebook creates is just a facade that hides the business behind it. There is pretense and cheating in it. It was on Facebook that a real-life friend of mine asked me to help him with some money to pay his University fees. Me being of the same predicament, I helped on condition that he returns the amount later. Later when time came, this real-life friend deleted his Facebook account, destroyed his SIM card (phone number), and vanished into thin air. You could do that on Facebook, because there is no genuineness on it. It is a space artificially created for business in the name of friendship. In which world can you 'friend' someone and later 'unfriend' the same person with one click? Its all a farce, it is!

I don't mind others using it. I have decided to take leave. If my life demands my presence on Facebook, I can do it again (sigh)!

So, the first day in the year 2017, I called it quits. Let me see what happens. Let me see if the sky falls down on my head. In short, what do you lose by deactivating your Facebook account? Nothing. The answer is Nothing. In its stead, you gain time. Time for genuine face to face friendship, genuine relationships, and smiles that emanate from real lips, to real eyes. You get time for life. Time to live and love.