Sunday, November 29, 2009




Saturday, November 07, 2009


Blessed are you who are able to bring tears into your friend's eyes.
If your memory makes one shed a drop of tear and spare a moment of adoration, you are blessed indeed.
Never in life do ignore a smile from a friend.
Be sure it will work miracles sometime in your life.
When people remember you later, they wont remember you for the money you spent for them. Remembrance is for the amount of time you spared to care for her/him.
Life is not very long to expect a next time for everything. Take the opportunity and be a friend.
Love is like rain. It falls only when there are clouds. And it soaks the land and makes life miserable. Yet is helps germination. Life springs after rain.
Love is like that.
It is painful. Yet is fulfilling. It gives hope. It makes your moments of expectation longer than ages. Yet it sweetens your loneliness and lessens sufferings.
This is the shortest sentence with the longest and the largest and the greatest ideal hidden in it.

Blessed are you my friend... because I weep on you.
That is what you gave me.
Though silent, that is what I have for you...