Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Sepia Vision of Life

A day goes by, unnoticed
Like the bloom of a fragrant bud
Sigh! Can I, now that its beyond?
-Oh how I wished for this day-

Faded colours and melting lines
Faces sweeter by forgotten years,
Moments cuter by forbidden errors of past.
A perfect sepia day- but went unnoticed.

A Sepia Vision of life

Want to be reborn- yearned a desire within,
Burned my will and memories.
Left nothing but grey ashes and dark soot-
Yet another image- this one for my tombstone.

Sure clouds'll gather, and rains pour.
For I can smell a storm in the dusk.
I'm used to seeing days pass, 
Making way for storms unawares.

Yet when a day goes by,
What can a man desire,
Whose life had nothing but love and its worries-
Come, night, embrace me in thy cold.

Here ends unnoticed days,
And unforeseen storms, to be sure.
I got my sight- in sepia though.
Of faded colours and melting lines...