Thursday, August 27, 2009

Danger on Wheels

I was shocked when I saw a boy falling down on the foot-board of a moving APSRTC bus, while he boarded the fast moving bus, in one of the busiest streets of Secunderabad yesterday. To add to my shock, the conductor who was a witness coolly asks the boy for bus fare, as if nothing has happened! No reaction to what he sae, no warning, no correction.
Not over, when the boy fell, there were four other students standing on the food board. I was shocked. But no one else was shocked.
While talking to a friend, after this incident, he told me that it was shocking for me because my eyes were new to these sights! As you go along, you will be ok!!!
Oh yes. I think I will be ok, if I close my eyes to thes nonsense. But I cant do it. Today, that boy fell on the foot board. What would happen if he falles under the wheels tomorrow? Are my eyes t digest and forget that too? No. I think some one has to bell the Cat.

The APSRTC conductors are so careless about safety of passsengers. They never instruct people to move away from foot boards, even when the bus is almost empty. The traffic police here plays a role, not more than that of a 'scare crow'. Often, I feel they are there to witness these dangetous tricks played by 'amateuf circus artists'! I have seen them mercileely using their 'Lattis' on such passengers, in other states of India. I would be happy if they do so here too.

Pain and fear are not desireable, But often, they TEACH us a lot...

Let us be ONE

Today, I heard an educated professor saying, "In India, the society 'IS' caste based!"
I wanted to corect her and make that 'IS' a 'WAS.' But you know, I am only a student! and she is a Ph.D. and is a professor and draws a fat salary from this 'caste based society.'
So, it is not your knowledge but degrees that determines whether what yuo say is right or wrong. Therefore, my heart told me, dear young man, do not tend to go against the rights of the educated. You may become the 'WRONG.'

Dear Reader, if you are one of those 'educated' gentle folk, please think again. It is our attitudes that hold us back. India is still caste based in your mind and mind you, in reality, it will remain so for you. A humble appeal I have to make is "please do THINK." Use your reason. Open your eyes. The one who sits next to you is a human being, not a fanatic, not a caste identity. Look at human beings and see humanness, longing for love and unity, need to love and be loved...

we are all ONE.

Come on, let us awake from this Millenius old slumber of discrimination and labelling.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

road side

Road side is a side of life.
We really dont see what is on the side of the road.
We really dont need to see.
It is because we are busy.
And we speed on our way.
So we dont see what is on the road side.

Yesterday, I found a man on the road side.

It happened because i was not speeding on the way.
I was selfish.
I wanted to absorb someone's misery and make it a commodity.
That is why I found this man on the road side.
Quite selfish am I.
And look at me... I am not ashamed of being selfish.
And not aware of the dire needs of that man and all those he represents.
I am also part of the two advertisement boards beside him.
I preach life and pretend to protect it.
But in reality, I only laugh at weakness.
As the great man said, poor are always with us.
Pardon me my dear man for my insensitivity.
For I am ignorant.
Teach me generosity.
Teach me to give.
Teach me to offer and share.
Open my eyes...
Its you teacher, that I owe my life to.
Come and take over me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My First Day at College

My First Day at College

The day broke an hour prior to ‘my day.’ Waking up-though late-was quite a task. Yet, expectations of a new beginning threw me out of the bed. A quick rush through the morning business made me ready for the church-thought of beginning the day well!
Huh! As the saying goes, man (woman) proposes, God disposes. Half way through, the heavens opened and lo, showers of blessing poured down, drenching me inside out. Assured of God’s blessing, I came away like a wet dog.
Drying up, eating, dressing- all these happened in 20 minutes. And I was ready to get wet again!
Wading through 2 feet deep water on the road, my friend and I managed to reach the bus station. Thanks to the merciful drivers who splashed enough water on us and made us look like chicken. The first bus to the College came round the corner and disappeared round another corner! The next bus seemed to remain perpetually at the bus stop. A third bus took us into the city, which was almost like a swimming pool, except for the dirt. Thank god, we landed safely in a puddle as we jumped out when it slowed down.
Again another adventurous walk took us to the College. With sighs of relief, we headed for the notice boards which exhibited notices 3 0 5 days old. It bluffed us, saying nothing about neither classes nor class rooms. So we were there, at the College, like two lost tourists, in a large group of young folks, not knowing what to do.
Great, isn’t it? Hmm… not over yet. Each time I spotted a class, I reached just in time when they were dispersing. Now its 4 pm. I am happy because I could meet scores of other friends who were equally lost as I were. And… of course, I had 2 full meals in the meanwhile. A great day indeed – my first day at College!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

full of emotions...

What can the mouth say when the heart is so full of emotions and eyes, of tears?
Silence, embrace my weaknesses and erase my sinfulness, for I have done wrong.
Love is to be and I did not live it up to the full.
And lo! Today I sit lost in the middle of nowhere, groping like a fool.
Oh! Forgive me my dear, and don’t go far away from this wretched creature…

Love is a decision

Love is a decision.
I have decided not to!
Where are thy charms, Oh! Togetherness! A dream of the past.
Let me be gone into your bosom, Come and take me away, Obscurity!
Death is no means when love is
And is humbug when love is not too…
That is why life is like this for me, for a man needs love like none else.
Gone are the days, long gone are they.
And here am I, Oh! Lord, dying…
Dying to meet you soon, sooner...

You have done me in!

You have done me in!
Yes, you have, because the moment I think of you, I am filled with tears, my voice trembles and I mumble. Truly, I go blind at the sight of your trace. Mind flies high for too long before coming down to the earth.
Ever since you left (rather I convinced myself that you left), I have been so how wonderful it would have been to be together…
I miss you.
I t was your pains, sorrows, joys, smiles, complaints, laughter and tears that filled and lit up my world. Now, devoid of them, heart lies vacant, deserted.
Love was…
I cherish those days.
And I miss the… badly…
Knowing it is impossible, I desire… for heart is such. It has no reason…. It only desires.